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First Access and ChamsAccess Launch Partnership for Digital Transformation in Lagos, Nigeria

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

First Access and its local partner ChamsAccess Limited, a subsidiary of Chams PLC, hosted an event for Nigeria's top microfinance banks the morning of March 26, 2019. With a full house of Nigeria's top microfinance bank MDs, and their management teams focused on credit, risk, finance and operations, First Access and ChamsAccess showed a demonstration of the configurable credit software they are now offering in the Nigerian market.

"The extraordinary flexibility of the software, combined with the local expertise and support of ChamsAcccess, makes this the fastest way for local microfinance banks to revolutionize their businesses without having to migrate from their legacy systems," First Access CEO Nicole Van Der Tuin explained. "Whether it's allowing online origination, so customers with internet access can get faster service from banks, or enabling staff to reach customers offline via a custom Android app, the platform can help every financial institution grow faster."

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