Data-driven credit around the world

Selected examples of how the First Access platform is driving stronger, faster credit decisions.


Digital appraisals and scoring for micro-credit 

Commercial banks and microfinance institutions in Tanzania use First Access mobile and web applications to collect data from customers, internal records, and credit bureaus. Low-risk loan applicants are scored and automatically approved, and credit committees review other loan appraisals according to their unique credit policies. 



Digital appraisals for microcredit via mobile

Microfinance (MFI) and microfinance deposit-taking (MDI) institutions in Uganda use First Access to collect data directly from customers, even offline, and to combine it with data from their internal records. Credit committees then review the appraisals and approve customers according to their unique credit policies for a wide range of loan products.

Small Business

Online loan applications and optional site visits

First Access enables small businesses to apply online via their lender's website, uploading information and documents.  Loans can be automatically be checked for eligibility, then routed to a loan officer or call center, an optional site visit by the loan officer using our mobile app, and all required approvals by managers. Loan processes are fully customizable to each lender's preferences. To minimize staff training needs, we recommend replicating paper-based processes first. Further automation can be added anytime, such as instant approval for qualifying repeat customers.



Digital appraisals for rural business credit via mobile

In the Philippines, rural bank customers are appraised digitally using the First Access mobile app, with offline data collection and real-time analytics in branches via the First Access web app. Loan appraisals are synced in real time with branches, where experienced managers review and approve loans according to their protocols for their unique loan products. 


Digital asset finance scoring via mobile and API

Asset financing companies in Kenya use the First Access platform for real-time digital credit appraisals, issuing loans for assets ranging from electronic devices to cars. Incorporating multiple data sources into their credit decisions and tracking their customer acquisition trends, the First Access platform helps them gain speed and control that help them grow faster.



Digital appraisals for home improvement credit

Home-owners planning home improvement projects are offered credit through their contractors via mobile device. Information about the customers and their construction projects is collected in real time, processed according to unique eligibility criteria and automated analysis, and approved for disbursement. 


Digital appraisals for SME credit

Microfinance institutions and SME lenders in Ethiopia use the First Access platform to collect rich data about their customers through site visits and personal interactions, send this data in real time to branches for review, and automate over 50 calculations that were previously done by hand. This provides the lenders with a rich data set, operational and market insights, and faster approval times for their customers.



Digital scoring for agent float loans via API

Mobile agents are pre-approved for float loans to ensure that they will have adequate liquidity to serve high demand from their customers for withdrawals and deposits. Pre-approvals are processed in batches at regular intervals to ensure accurate and up-to-date assessment of agent performance and quality. The First Access platform combines quantitative and qualitative data from multiple sources and provides additional visibility, stability and control for managing agents, combining automation and human oversight for maximum growth.