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Additional features and tools to improve portfolio quality, efficiency, and growth.

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Connections to core banking and external data sources

Set up automated transfer of data to and from your First Access account and other systems.

Connections to channel partners for new customers

Partner with other businesses whose customers need credit, offering on-demand credit or bulk pre-approval. 

Incorporation of historical data into automated credit analysis

Automate your credit analysis to include historical loan information, historical business financial statements, and historical customer data, collected on First Access or imported from core banking or other sources.

Credit scorecards, ratings, or algorithms

Embed your unique analysis into any stage of the customer lifecycle.

Special collections workflows for impaired loans

Improve your risk management by digitizing your analysis and mitigation process for non-performing loans.

Auto-fill Forms

Save time and reduce risk and human errors through auto-filling forms for loan origination and management.

Auto-fill PDF loan contracts

Save time and reduce errors through automated generation of loan agreements, auto-filled with customer data.


Email and SMS notifications for staff and customers.

CSV Upload and Download

Functionality to upload data to and download data from your First Access account in Comma-Separated Values format.


Translation of the staff interfaces or customer interface (Peak only) into any language. Multi-language accounts available.


Secure hosting is available in the cloud or on-premise.

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting suites for boards, debt and equity fund management companies, credit bureaus, regulators, and more.

Onsite Training and Support

Onsite training and support packages for implementation on per-week basis.

Digital Strategy Consulting and Advisory

Consulting packages for Digital Transformation, Fintech Transformation, and Digital Marketing.

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