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Great public resources on digital transformation, credit analytics and scoring, effective use of data to reach underserved customers, consumer protection, and alternative data sources.

Credit Scoring In Financial Inclusion: How to use advanced analytics to build credit-scoring

Digital Credit Scoring in Agriculture: Best Practices of Assessing Credit Risks in Value Chains (Dean Caire)

Bridging the credit gap for Micro and Small Enterprises through digitally enabled financing models (CGAP)

Accelerating Financial Inclusion With New Data

Privacy Matters: Navigating the New World of Data Protection

On the Rise of FinTechs – Credit Scoring Using Digital Footprints (Frankfurt School)

2017 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money (GSMA)

Data Analytics and Digital Financial Services Handbook (IFC)

The Global Findex Database

2017: Measuring Financial Inclusion and the Fintech Revolution

Why are financial services not used more? A conceptual framework for drivers of financial service usage

CGAP Focus Note: Four Basic Regulatory Enablers for Digital Financial Services in Emerging Markets

The Role of Trust in Increasing Women’s Access to Finance Through Digital Technologies

What can behavioural science tell us about the financial decisions of women? 

A needs-based approach to financial inclusion measurement in Zimbabwe

Digital Credit in Emerging Markets: A snapshot of the current landscape and open research questions

Big Data, Small Credit: The Digital Revolution and its Impact on Emerging Market Consumers

Tiny Loans, Big Questions: Client Protection in Mobile Consumer Credit (The Smart Campaign)

Consumer Protection In Financial Technology: Risks Underbanked Consumers Face in Digital Credit

CGAP Focus Note: Doing Digital Finance Right - The Case for Stronger Mitigation of Customer Risks

Mo(bile) Money, Mo(bile) Problems: Analysis of Branchless Banking in the Developing World

Digitally Delivered Credit: Policy Guidance Note And Results From Regulators Survey

Nudges for Financial Health: Global Evidence for Improved Product Design (Innovations for Poverty Action)

CGAP Brief: The Proliferation of Digital Credit Deployments in Emerging Markets

A “new wave” of digital credit products has entered the Digital Financial Services (DFS) market in recent years

The 2016Brookings Financial and Digital Inclusion Project Report Advancing Equitable Financial Ecosystems

Digital Financial Services for Agriculture Handbook

Digital Financial Services and Risk Management Handbook

Alternative Delivery Channels and Technology Handbook

Digital Access: The Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa

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