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A New Year, a New Logo

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Today, First Access is proud to launch a new logo that reflects our vision of turning data into financial opportunity for everyone.

Affordable credit enables important opportunities like growing a business, owning a home, and financing an education, but remains out of reach for more than 2.5 billion people. Most make their living in informal economies, where records like personal identification, transaction receipts, and land titles are still not universal.

Financial institutions across emerging markets are striving to reach underserved customers, enabling their “first access” to credit, and providing essential liquidity for economic growth and development. However, the high cost of relationship-driven lending remains the greatest challenge to scale.

Through smart tools to capture customer information and produce clear underwriting decisions, the First Access credit scoring platform enables financial institutions to act on data faster than ever. Our customized algorithms simplify the process of managing risk and allocating resources so our clients can achieve greater control and faster growth.

The future belongs to companies driven by a data culture. For financial institutions focused on underserved markets, this means having the right tools to understand performance and improve over time, especially for teams without a big data background.

Working with many analog and digital financial institutions across different countries over the last five years, we have seen first-hand what it takes to build a data culture. The journey begins with better data collection, progressing through stronger customer acquisition processes to more nimble management of portfolio quality and growth. Our platform and customer experience are always evolving to incorporate these lessons as we grow, knowing the right early steps enable our clients to reach their goals faster and faster.

We are proud to play a catalytic role in financial inclusion, and to continue innovating at the nexus of people, data, and technology to improve lives.


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