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First Access available at-cost to small business lenders for COVID-19 crisis

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Custom Credit

Fast digital transformation for lenders: launch your custom loan origination and decision engine to reach small businesses and consumers anywhere.

A technology partner that meets you where you are.

The fastest, easiest digital transformation for lenders.

Collaborate across teams.

Configure roles for your whole team to maximize collaboration, compliance, and growth. Automate workflows or leave them to human judgment.

No network? No problem.

Allow customers to apply online or onsite. Use your own Android app to capture data on customers anywhere, even offline. 

Powerful toolkits for digital transformation.

Engineered for success in reaching underserved customers.

Set up for you with best practices and strategic insights by an expert team.

Configurable Interfaces 

Bring your brand to life on web and mobile. Enable your staff to acquire any customer, anywhere. Even offline. Update roles, permissions and account when needed.

Configurable Forms

Design a stellar customer experience. Online and onsite loan applications on any device, auto-filling mobile and call center apps for credit assessment, auto-filling PDF contracts. 

Configurable Workflows

Digitize your credit products, roles and processes for customer registration, onboarding, scoring, underwriting, monitoring, and management.

Configurable Scoring Engine

Automate your own business rules, calculations, underwriting standards, scorecards, algorithms, and actions on any data at any time in the customer lifecycle. 

Configurable CRM

Credit-focused CRM engineered to help you reach underserved customers. Link contacts, loans, and companies, track and assign interactions. 

Configurable Business Intelligence

Real-time notifications and insights empower your management team to deliver serious results in quality, efficiency, speed and profitability. 


Lenders use First Access to digitize operations and fast-track loans to low-risk customers.  In total, First Access has saved customers hundreds of years of wait time to access their loans.

See how data-driven lenders around the world manage smart credit decisions on the First Access platform



Easy to use, and reduces loan processing time to one day for loans that typically take four to six days. Makes our borrowers very happy!

Sylvia Chrizestom, Branch Manager, AccessBank Tanzania